E2M4 - Mental Ward
Playable on: E2M4

01 Dec 2011 -- release candidate

20 Sep 2011 -- changed from privacy options. All registered users can see the download link now.

Marnetmar wrote on 05-Nov-2011 (11:40)

Awesome map, definitely gets my vote. The monster placement is probably the best aspect of it.

Marcaek wrote on 14-Oct-2011 (22:47)

Eerie. Great map, but plain.

MidnightTH wrote on 03-Oct-2011 (20:57)

No DM starts, Son. i am upset.

Marcaek wrote on 14-Sep-2011 (01:57)

I'd like to try this as well.

MidnightTH wrote on 12-Sep-2011 (23:33)

Wheres the DL?

st.alfonzo wrote on 26-Aug-2011 (18:27)

Now that the beasties have been added, I can honestly say that this is my favourite work of yours to date in this project ellmo. Top quality! It's abstract yet devoted enough in its concept, the layout is excelent, and the atmosphere is pretty intense.

My first and so far only quibble is the teleporter in the southeast of the map that takes the player to in front of the newly raised stairs. It seems a rather unnecessary and out of place addition considering the absence of teleporters elsewhere in the map (as far as I remember anyway).

Gameplay is also spot on, with some interesting firefights around the red key area and the... I'm guessing it's that lobotamy area you were talking about before, where all the Lost Souls start swarming in. I found myself darting about in search of provisions during some battles, which is great in a map like this that rewards exploration.

Looking forward to any updates. This one's a keeper!

Xaser wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (00:34)

The music would fit best, though. From the screens here, it looks different enough from the existing E2M4 that I don't get any homage-feelings at all. If one extends their definition of "homage" to include mood+atmosphere in a general sense, then this project should be all about homages. :P

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:43)

Damn it, ellmo! You're taking over DTWID! Looks like some interesting stuff, I say -- could definitely be as eerie (or moreso) than E2M4. ;)