E2M2-M7 - Foundry
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Playable on: E2M6

A partially subverted foundry deep in the heart of the Deimosian complex. Most of the machinery is still active, and some surface parts of the base have been drowned out by melted ice water.

v1.6b 02-12-11
Crusher stoppers/starters. How very, very exciting.

ellmo wrote on 17-Sep-2011 (02:48)

With all of the changes and fixes this map still owns some major ass. I don't know how you do it.

st.alfonzo wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (18:39)

@Marcaek: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

The player is in fact supposed to sustain damage in an attempt to reach the teleporter, and again in an attempt to reach the plasma rifle in the second screenshot. I understand this might irritate some players, and if I recieve enough negative feedback I will raise the ceiling level for both of them. Although, having said that, I might just raise the one you mentioned by a couple units anyway.

Marcaek wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (18:27)

Loved it, but the area behind the red crusher in shot #4 is too short to get into without getting crushed after the warp opens. The lower ceiling affects how high the crusher rises.

ellmo wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (18:30)

I think it fits perfectly for a M6-M7 slot, map is Doom-like hard, not intimidating, rewards exploration and has extremely characteristic locations that make it easy to navigate. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Three thumbs up!

40oz wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (16:22)

Great map, I think its a little noisy though. This map could benefit from being softened by merging some sectors together and trimming down the number of different textures used in each room. The gameplay is pretty awesome and the lighting contrast is cool too.

MegaDoomer wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (15:43)

Looks good. Needs skill settings tho.

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:41)

This is a damn fine work! Definitely unorthodox, but has a lot of character, is bristling with interesting, memorable areas, and feels completely within the bounds of an E3M4-like Petersen adventure. Played real nice, felt real nice, kicked ass real nice. ;)