E1M8 - Teleport Facility
Playable on: E1M8

Update 01 Dec 2011 -- release candidate

This is a typical boss-encounter map that emphasizes on the atmosphere and building tension before the fight starts. The "arena" itself may be rebuilt into something more interesting if I have an idea what would it be.

Marcaek wrote on 15-Sep-2011 (03:44)

Magical. Perhaps the Barons should be lowered rather than revealed for dramatic effect.

ellmo wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (12:38)

I've tried a few different options of releasing the Barons, but because I want to release all three of them at once and have them "enter the battlefield" immediately none of those options, but opening a large portion of the central structure, worked as intended. Otherwise at least one Baron was always loitering in the back, making the fight less interesting.

This map is a quick 6-hour-work attempt to build a convincing M8 map, the "arena" itself wasn't my primary concern; it was the atmosphere and tension before the fight and I think I did well - I'm glad Xaser liked it.

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:50)

I completely and totally approve of this. The first minute or so (before awakening any demons) is magic.

Hellbent wrote on 12-Aug-2011 (05:28)

wow, very nice ellmo!  I think it's very very fitting, even tho it's different than the original.  (in other words, I think you've succeeded).  A more ominous/creative unleashing of the barons might improve the map even more.  What about steps giong into the ground from which they climb up out of? (like in this pic:  The lowering platform of armor helmets seemed a bit "eh?" to me.   LIke, waht's the point of this platform lowering?  what am I goign to do with a handful of measly armor helmets?  The lowering at the end was very nicely done, but I knew that low wall was going to lower.  Still, the stuff beyond the wall and things lowering was really sweet.  

ellmo wrote on 12-Aug-2011 (02:10)

I made some improvements and simplified the last location a lot. Before the changes Chocolate Doom was giving terrible HoMs, it should work fine now.