E1M8 - Ground Zero
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Playable on: E1M8

ellmo wrote on 12-Aug-2011 (01:34)

Defilintely too small and too crowded.

Hellbent wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (03:20)

Nice entry matt.  Are you going to expand it at all the way the original did? (I realize mimicking that aspect of it isn't necessarily the best way, but to me it seems like at least a little introlude to the main event might be nice.  The atmosphere in the baron room is nice, but the use of demons is pretty similar.  I liked the lowering pit (I actually did a similar thing in a colalborative effort on an e1m8 that i am working on with Marnetmar).  I also wonder if maybe we should come up with a differnt way of using the < 10% sector?