E1M1 - Communication Bridge
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Playable on: E1M1

The two conjoined buildings making up the Communication Bridge complex are the functioning center of the UAC's satellite transmissions between the Phobos base and the rest of the universe. Be wary of hazards in some parts of the base that were in the process of remodeling before the invasion hit.

40oz wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (17:36)

While I do understand where Essel was going with this map, I think it features some pretty cool things that were probably missing in some E1M1 submissions, but I can't say I really enjoy this map.

One thing that I definitely wanna point out is that the map follows all the rules and formulas of angled lines, lighting, height variation and what not. The problem is that while it demonstrates these things, I can't seem to come to a conclusion about what each room is supposed to be. I can't seem to describe any individual room in this map without writing a paragraph or simply posting a screenshot to convey what area im talking about. I don't really understand where I am or what kind of building this level is because there's so few indicative pieces of texturing or architecture that indicates what it's supposed to be.

iI don't understand this rounded hallway that has a large TV screen facing the opposite direction of the flow of the room. I don't know who would design an area of interest that way and why. It just makes me think of spacedm to be honest.

The armor balcony is pretty cool except for the angled impassible lines that are extra sticky. I also wish I was getting a better view of those mountains.

The poison room has got so much poison in it, that even as an experienced doomer fighting monsters in it, I had trouble staying out of it. There's like no room to walk in.

I have no idea what's going on in that last room. Details out the waz and a gigantic weird structure in the center that doesn't look like it is supposed to be anything. Also looks like an excuse to use brown mid textures to put imps behind, but it clashes with the rest of the room because of how hideously dirty it is among the clean metal startan plates. this is just a start of the many texture combinations that don't sit right with me, the liberal usage of tekwalls, BROWNGR with COMPWALL, BROWNGR with BROWN1, all of which display different levels of dirt and grime on them.

The gameplay is a little wonky, i feel like i didn't have move freedom of movement in some places, particularly the poison room as I've mentioned earlier. Also the first sighting of a zombie man is right around a corner in your face. E1 kept the first monsters pretty distant so they wouldn't be a serious threat on first contact, especially on easy.

It's got a lot of good things going for it but I'd hardly consider it a solid E1M1


st.alfonzo wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (10:46)

What if I say it's not like the others?
What if I say it's not just another one of those maps?
They're the pretenders.
What if I say it's the better contender?