E2M1 - Receiving Station
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Playable on: E2M1

This "state-of-the-art" training facility was to serve as a welcoming station for new arrivals on Deimos, but the project was canceled long before the demons arrived. It has since fallen into decay, and its abandoned status led to it being used as a staging area for the demon invaders.

Its current state is unknown, and it is possible that portions of the station have been converted for use by the demons. Stay alert.

esselfortium wrote on 18-Aug-2011 (04:45)

I think the modifications you've made to it have really helped this map shine as its own level. Other than the comments I had on irc about simplifying structures in a couple places, I think this is looking really solid.

esselfortium wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (02:44)

I really like this map. I think the texture theme is the main thing throwing people off... (the music for it in the alpha also certainly doesn't help.)

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:52)

Thanks, 40. ;)

I might tweak the texture theme around a bit, solely for DTWID. NT suggested using primarily PIPE* a while back -- perhaps that could work? Seems a bit E2 Cliche, though, especially if I compliment it with CEMENT*.

Worth a shot, though. I at least want to re-do the start area a bit so it's less E1M1-y.

40oz wrote on 10-Aug-2011 (17:27)

Very nice map. I know everyone has said it's too much of a tribute to the original E2M1 but I think with some texture changes this map could be perfect.