E1M4 - Alienation Zone
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Playable on: E1M6

MegaSphere wrote on 24-Oct-2011 (04:37)

i liked the layout of the map.  the first time i played through i thought the map was sort of a breeze (especially the first half), then i played it again and took a different path at the beginning and had to go hunting for health.  also the first time i played i had the blue key for a while before i could find the door, while the second play was the other way around.  these are good things. 

But the second time around I opted not to get the goggles and i thought some of the map was too dark.  It seems like most of the main paths in E1 have a brightness of at least 128.  I sort of agree about having to cross the slime without a bridge.  I don't think it's that big of a deal... there are parts in E1 where you have to do this (like M5), but it's more apparent that you have to go that way.   Here it almost seems like a secret area.  I would either widen the opening or add an item clearly visible like a medkit on the other side to make it more obvious it's safe to go over there.

I thought the map felt like id and the texture selection was spot on, but the alignment bothered me a little bit.  I know there's plenty of this in E1, but some of these were rather ugly; I think id would have tried a little harder to make some of the walls look better.  Besides that, it was a great map. Nice work

ultimatelorenzo wrote on 28-Aug-2011 (18:23)


esselfortium wrote on 16-Aug-2011 (06:12)

I like some things about this map, like the area toward the end with tekwall overhangs over a ledge before you come down to the lower level.

I didn't much like that the player is most likely to find the blue key long before they ever even come anywhere near the blue key door. Plus, the area behind the blue key door felt like it was practically just a place to put the red key. I realize some of the iwad maps are guilty of putting another key closely behind a locked door, but IMO it's not really a positive trait.

While I'm complaining about key areas, the abstract freeform shape of the comptall area leading to the blue key felt somewhat uncharacteristic to me; comp textures seemed to primarily be used with more structured shapes. It's not really a huge issue, though.

I'd also axe the diagonal ceiling lights near the exit area (mainly because they just look odd) and do something else to brighten up that section a bit. In general I'd brighten up some of the darker parts, honestly.

Another note is that it was rather rare for e1 maps to require the player to cross nukage without some sort of bridge, unless it was for a secret.

I think with some more work this could become a fitting e1 map, but I don't feel like it's quite there yet.

ultimatelorenzo wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (15:51)


ellmo wrote on 12-Aug-2011 (12:34)

You fixed some of the most obvious issues with this map like misalignments. The map looks great and feels E1-ish without actually resembling any of the original maps, except the small grey maze and a METAL1 room behind it, that are simply copies from original E1M4, but I think you can easily cahnge them into something completely different.

However the gameplay spoils this feeling because of two things:

  • High monster count (especially imps) and traps (I hate traps!)
  • Unintuitive secrets, they blend into the walls and you can't see them without automap or trying every single wall patch.