E2M1 - Botanic Biosphere
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Playable on: E2M1

MegaSphere wrote on 24-Oct-2011 (05:11)

I thought this was a pretty cool map;  I don't know about the slot of E2M1, though.  It seemed more like a secret map for E1.  But the trees (things not the walls) suggest E3.  Maybe that doesn't matter though, because I like the theme of the map, I just don't associate it with what I'm used to for E2.  These are lost maps however, so perhaps that works for this project.

Anyways, I didn't really like getting the blue key.  The first time I thought I was going to find a secret.  The second time I played it, I noticed you could see it from the window, but by the time I got down there and killed all the monsters I sort of lost track of where that was.  And then when I walk into the slime area I have to back up because there's a spectre down there.  And when I go back I only get three health bonuses...   I found late that there was a secret with a rad suit, but this is easy to over look too.

I really liked the map though, but I just feel like it's missing something.  I can't say either aye or nay yet.

Captain Toenail wrote on 23-Aug-2011 (17:34)

Yeah, I really like the idea behind this one, the level hints that the facility has some kind of purpose, but lets you imagine the details, like the original Doom maps. The nukage suggests that the UAC are up to some sort of unethical experiments to grow vegetation, and reminds the player of the vats of nukage in the Spawning Vats level.

I would also recommend adding another whole optional wing to the level at the opposite side for the player to explore, and perhaps invert those tree planter areas so they are indented into the ground rather than jutting out.

st.alfonzo wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (10:26)

On the plus side, I think its size is actually beneficial to its functioning as a concept level, but it could do with a few more optional areas outside the present boundaries. Movement is restricted greatly by a combination of angles and shrubbery, which makes the map feel even more constrained than it needs to be.

Unlike 40oz, I actually think the nukage works as well as water in this instance, and I hold no issue with the inclusion of trees and stalagmites (except for perhaps the large, brown variety)... but a little bit of skyline wouldn't hurt that much, would it?

I want it to work, Lorenzo. Make it happen!

40oz wrote on 10-Aug-2011 (17:51)

Great map, but I think there's little freedom of expression in this one when you're putting trees everywhere and vines on every wall. A Computer Station doesn't need computer terminals and tekwall everywhere for the player to understand what it is. I think those large brown trees and stalagmites need to be reserved for E3.

I also think the Biosphere is lacking in water and sky.