E3M2-M7 - Tartarus
Download Link:
Playable on: E3M1

st.alfonzo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (01:24)

I happened to play this map only a few moments ago. What a coincidence! ;)

I don't think it would be worth bringing up all the reasons why this isn't the best of contributions, but there are only so many positives to work with, I find. The maze can make for some scary play when retreating from opponents due to a lack of ammo, but then player should probably never be in such a situation in the first place, as backing down a narrow stairwell as Baron makes his advance is just not cool.

The key collection points are perhaps this map's greatest strength with some quirky geometrical shaping, but poor monotextural sections, dim lighting and uninspired design make it all too skippable, unfortunately.

ellmo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (01:10)

It's quite bad.
What's with all the straightforward mazes that people insert in their maps as an excuse for gameplay and layout?

The map is very flat and unimaginative for most part, it consists of halls with some rooms and doesn't have a good ammo/health balance.