E3M6 - Depths
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An adventure through a warped area that could possibly be a UAC installation, a gothic castle or even a glimpse of hell itself... perhaps even all three. If you can escape the traps at the start then you've got a non-linear layout of distinct areas to battle through in order to reach either of the exits.

Phobus wrote on 24-Nov-2011 (13:02)
MegaSphere wrote on 24-Oct-2011 (05:24)

Good map,  but it seemed more like E3 than E2, both in difficulty and texturing.  And the blood stairway seemed like something out of Doom 2.   And the barrels at the beginng... WTF?  I don't see id pulling that crap in an e2m5

Marcaek wrote on 15-Oct-2011 (02:55)

I loved this map, excepting that damn barrel trap at the beginning. If it's still there, There should be some warning for the player.

Xaser wrote on 18-Aug-2011 (19:17)

I definitely dig this one. It's chaotic exactly in the ways a Doom map should be, and feels more Petersen than most submissions out there (also a good thing :P). The blood + tekwall corridors in particilar actually ended up subconsciously inspiring part of another map I worked on... who'd have thought? ;)

Extra special mention to the greatness that is the secret exit puzzle. I like how it's spread out across a few different secret areas plus a key, instead of being just a random alcove tucked away in some part of the map like lots of maps tend to do. I definitely approve -- it's complex in an E1M3-sort of way.

Seems to fit well into the E2M5 slot, I think. I'd place my bets on this one staying there slot all the way through release day. ;)

esselfortium wrote on 18-Aug-2011 (08:50)

I finally gave this one a full playthrough tonight. I love it!

It looks good, and the few little bits that initially struck me as 'wrong' for Doom 1 were soon made completely appropriate and believable, like the sets of torches close by one another in individual wall alcoves, and how they weren't just for decor but were actually being used functionally (to house secrets). I got some really great vibes of surreality from parts of it as well, like from some of the ways the layout made it possible to hop from one scene to the next.

I did find myself a bit lost at points, but never to the point of frustration. I even managed to find the secret exit :)

I think it could actually fit in e2 or e3, either way would be fine. I'm actually leaning somewhat towards e3, but I suppose e2 had its fair share of surreality as well.

ellmo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (01:20)

It's an intriguing map, an incredible show of absurd, haphazard styles that actually blend well into a chaotic experience.

That said the map fits into a E2 slot and definitely not anything else.
I'd also make a few gameplay adjustments, namely: "the barrels have to go"

it's an aye, tho'