E3M4 - Unnamed Map
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Playable on: E3M4

ellmo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (16:13)

What a peculiar map. Some of the parts look like really bad design, while some of them are so memorable and atmospheric it really felt like I was playing Doom1. The map has some ugly rectangular rooms, outdoor areas with sky ceiling so low, the roofs of adjacent "buildings" look like 8px thick (and doors somehow slide iside it), which all in all... gave a Petersenish feeling.

I guess this is just a subjective opinion, but I kida enjoyed the map layout-wise. It could use more height variations, tho.

One thing that is really bad - item and monster placements. There are 100+ monsters in this map, including about 15 Barons (!), most of those monster clumped in groups of 5-10 in a room, which makes most of the fights quite boring. Mutltiple weapons and powerups, I counted 3 Plasma Guns, 2 Chainsaws, 3 Shotguns, 2 Rocket Launchers, 2 Berserk Packs and so on.

I'm voting nay until these issues are dealt with.