E3M3 - Unnamed Map
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Playable on: E3M3

ellmo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (20:10)

Oh, forgot to add:

I'm aying this, needs some work, needs some magic, but it's a very good base.

ellmo wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (20:09)

Well my first thought is that there's a lot of monsters from the start - by the Doom1 standards of course. It gets better in this "departament" tho, but there are very minor things that sometimes make a fight unnecessarily hard (almost no way to get past the baron, unless you attack him from the other side).

One thing I would definitely change tho - remove most of the imps on ledges, because original Pandemonium instantly comes to mind, and we should avoid this.

MegaDoomer wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (03:26)

Foodles says he doesn't really consider this map to be "complete", and it lacked something to me as well. Can't grasp what exactly, but I'd recommend modifying it before inclusion.