E3M7 - Sheol's Spiraling Descent
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Playable on: E3M7

Marcaek wrote on 22-Oct-2011 (19:47)

It's waaaay too dark and complex, but the "elevator" gimmick is great and feels appropriate for a penultimate E3 level.

ProcessingControl wrote on 17-Aug-2011 (20:58)

This was a very good map, but it dosn't feel id-enough to me. There's way too much hieght variation (no E3 level has that much!) and there was too much red, which is being really overused in these maps. Also its possiblt to get stuck under the cacodemons in the maze, which is complete bullshit.

st.alfonzo wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (10:36)

I love it! It's appropriately hard as nails, imaginative, frustrating (a plus in my book, considering the slot) and is perhaps the most distinguishable map in the project if only for its name and literal interpretation.

Working out where to go in the later half of map progression is beastly, however, and the dire lack of radiation suits makes wading through blood in search of where to go more dangerous than it should be. A couple more suits and better indication of where to go would help out here I'm also dubious as to the length of descent and the means of exiting the map, but I could be made to agree with both.

Fine work, DoomHero. Stay the course!