E2M7 - Babel's Gate
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Playable on: E2M7

Marcaek wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (19:03)

Almost forgot, you have some stuck pinkies in the chainsaw room.

Marcaek wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (18:54)

Really good, but the version I have has a plasma rifle near the yellow key which would be better off swapped with the chaingun that appears in the wooden area later on. You might have to reduce the monster count slightly, or add more bullets to accomodate the change.

Also, there's a cutoff skull texture on one of the pillars in the outdoor lava area, and a small door in the same area is unpegged.

Maybe you should replace the megaarmor in the crate area with a soulsphere? There's a lot of megaarmor in the map.