E2M1 - Unnamed Map
Download Link:
Playable on: E2M1

daimon wrote on 18-Sep-2011 (23:13)

ok, thanks a lot for the impression guys...

MegaDoomer wrote on 18-Sep-2011 (00:48)

Too much an alpha styled map. Shouldn't get wasted, just not for here.

Hellbent wrote on 15-Sep-2011 (19:13)

I though the map was good.  :-/  I liked the layout and the rooms.  The only part I would say could be improved is the tight silver room with the computer panels the center of the corrodors--and then you teleport back to the red bridge.  That room could be replaced with something better.  Could also use more textures.  E2M7 has some tall, wide rooms.  I don't unerstand why it's inappropriate for this project. I'm not saying it doesn't need some work, but seems promising to me.

ellmo wrote on 09-Sep-2011 (17:19)

It's an interesting attempt to build an alpha-styled map, it also fits a M1 slot pretty well - but not for this project I'm afraid.

Perhaps with a lot of retexturing, but the map also has tall and wide rooms, that don't feel E2-ish for most part.