E1M9 - Kepler Dorsum
Download Link:
Playable on: E1M9

Kepler Dorsum:
A lesser mountain ridge used by the UAC for the disposal of nuclear waste. With the recent invasion, much of the base has become swamped with nukage, and traversing its now darkened corridors can be dangerous.


+ An extended exit area with greater connectivity.
+ The yellow key area has been completely reworked
+ Three additional secret areas. Nice.
+ Significant geometric and gameplay changes to the center and west side of the map.
+ Placed a remotely openable door in the hallway leading to the north of the map upon startup to prevent confusion.
+ Various adjustments to monster and item placement.

- Removed a secret related monster closet.

ellmo wrote on 16-Aug-2011 (00:36)

Yep, definitely a good map.
Lots of height and lightning variations and a few characteristic places make it relatively easy to navigate, it's also very clean texture-wise (a bit too clean for an id map, but most of our maps are, and it's a good thing).

The map flow confuses me a little; for example the yellow keycard is in a peculiar place, it seems tucked away, but it's also mandatory.

All in all this map keeps getting better and better, but it doesn't fit a secret map slot, imho.
A well deserved AYE nonetheless. 

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:57)

If any of you guys haven't played the updated version (since the alpha release), do it now. It's fantastic. ;)