E1M3 - Fuel Synthesis
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Playable on: E1M3

Here is where the toxic byproducts generated elsewhere are converted into clean energy, in effect allowing the Phobos base to power itself.

A mid-episode E1 map I originally built a few months ago, had some monster placement done by 40oz, and then more recently I revised it to reshape and retexture some stuff as well as adding a lot of optional areas to explore.

Update Sept 26, 2011: Adjusted the monster placement a bunch to better fit the e1m3 slot, added a secret exit, made a couple of minor visual adjustments, and filled in all the secrets and optional parts! Could probably still be refined further, but it's done-ish for now :P

Marcaek wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (18:23)

Essel, the only real problem I have with your maps is that the names are waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too techy.

Xaser wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (00:32)

For those who haven't seen yet (which, I believe, is everyone at this time of writing), the improved version of this map is most excellent, providing plenty of optional areas and lots o' content. I think 40oz's monster mix might be a bit too heavy in the monster count department, but that may well be a minor issue since it plays nicely anyway. Definitely a damn great one, I say. ;)