E2M2 - Filtration Compound
Download Link:
Playable on: E2M2

A collaboration with Xaser, who helped build quite a bit of the map (particularly past the blue key door) and did most of the thing placement. Huge thanks to him, as without his willingness to pick this up when I was low on ideas, it never would have been finished.

This is the place where the liquid of the Deimos base gets sent to have waste separated from nutrients. Since the invasion, it's looked a little different. Watch your step.

Skill settings haven't been done yet, so *especially* watch your step :P

esselfortium wrote on 02-Nov-2011 (03:21)

The monster placement could potentially be changed up as needed to fit the slot, or it could be moved to a different map slot if preferred. I'm not too picky about the particulars, and I doubt Xaser is :P

MegaSphere wrote on 02-Nov-2011 (01:43)

Cool map.  I thought it was kinda rough for M2 though, especially compared to the original one which has no cacos or sergents.  Some of the secret areas were a bit deadly too.  The texturing is good but doesn't look much like the rest of E2, it sort of reminds me of E2M3.  I really like the map, I just think it might fit better in another slot.