E2M2 - Infirmary
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Playable on: E2M2

Figured Tom Hall's more boring design style needed some love, so flat corridors ahoy!

Weeks before the invasion, the UAC decided to use the red mineral found at the Phobos Anomaly as opposed to coal to power the Deimos infirmary. Just after this decision was made, three security guards claimed to see a dark horned figure roaming through the halls.

The rest of the UAC staff thought this was a joke until the three guards were found dead in the offices two days later, each of them having claw marks on their face, chest and thighs. 

The infirmary, along with all of the guards and patients in it, was locked up and abandoned.

This map is pretty much completely open-ended, so you may have to use your automap here and there. Also has multiplayer starts and items, so try out some deathmatch!

st.alfonzo wrote on 24-Oct-2011 (01:13)

I can't say it's my favourite submission for the episode, but Marnetmar's dedication to getting this map project fit has paid off for the most part, and it certainly feels like an id creation.

There's a lot of confusion with the layout, that much is certain, but I never found myself completely and utterly lost, being able to work my back to the central hub without really having to hit tab, even if I wasn't always aware of where I was in relation to other areas of the level.

The gameplay is actually quite unique, with the total lack of linearity providing the player with the freedom to creatively outmanoeuvre opponents and make the most of a fairly limited ammo count.

It feels similar to e2m7 in that the texture selection is whack and quite ugly, which is a good thing really, but it misses a critical factor of the e2 design that recognises the importance of smaller thematic consistencies within a single map (stock e2m4, 6, and sort of 7). Even Refinery, a map which is laughably poor in its texture synergy at times, has areas that are more easily compartmentalized because of relative texturing. While it could be argued that a consistent disregard for texture homogeneity across all areas is what this map has going for it, I think this is something that needs to be addressed before it can make the cut.

On the other strengths of the map however, I am compelled to AYE this effort.

Nice work, Marnetmar.

Marcaek wrote on 15-Oct-2011 (00:00)

My goodness the teleporting :P

It's great, but the rocket launcher is way too hard to get, just because you have no clues as to what the switch does. Maybe move the switch close enough to the RL secret so that the sound of the door opening gives the player a hint.

Marcaek wrote on 14-Oct-2011 (22:06)


I'll give this a run.

MegaDoomer wrote on 10-Oct-2011 (02:24)

Someone commenting on their own map?

Marnetmar wrote on 08-Oct-2011 (20:55)

Amazing map Marnetmar, I wish I could be as awesomely awesome and awesomely handsome as you.