E2M5 - Deimos Command
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Playable on: E2M5


A small submission for e2m5, a map I always enjoyed from Doom. Though not as non-linear as the original, I think it serves up some nice combat variation and isn't bad to look at either.

Marcaek wrote on 15-Oct-2011 (02:43)

Very good, but I couldn't find the secret exit. The METAL pillars in the outside area are perhaps a bit advanced for iD mapping but don't look bad.

MidnightTH wrote on 03-Oct-2011 (20:52)


Phobosdeimos1 wrote on 30-Sep-2011 (18:24)

Very nice, very lengthy map, very HARD map.

Will definitely lure you into thinking it'll be a walk in the park the BAM it get's tricky and you have to use your brain. Not ENTIRELY sure it would pass for a Sandy Map as it's a bit too clean cut and good looking