E3M4 - Tortured Chambers (Hellbent's edit)
CaptainToenail / Hellbent
Download Link:
Playable on: E3M4

I edited Captain Toenail's map for flow purposes mainly.  The blood river should be less irksome now.  I adjusted the size of some areas for improved scale among other changes as well.

ellmo wrote on 18-Sep-2011 (15:43)

This map still doesn't feel like an E3 map, lots of tiny details that don't seem very id-ish at all. Maybe if it was retextured, and dropped all the cements, grays and icks in favor of more wood, stone, marble and metal, it would feel more infernal.

I'm also not a big fan of all the little consctuction details put in the map, e.g. the throne-like structure near the blood river and the "blockade" near the yellow-skull switch.