E1M6 - Reactor Complex
Download Link:
Playable on: E1M6

st.alfonzo wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (10:01)

hobomaster knows how much I love this one, and my forthwith affection will not be contained!

A previous attempt at providing immediate feedback resulted in an embarrassingly slight number of complaints. Fewer monster closets upon key collection, certainly, but I think there is perhaps a little room for toning down some of the detail in a few places, if only to compensate for the proximity most of the areas hold with on another.

A little too complex? I don't think so. I hope to see this one in release!

40oz wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (03:53)

 Fantastic map. Loved every second of it.  My only problem with this map is that I really love iori's map Logic Core in the E1M7 slot, but this map is a bit more difficult and complicated than the map that follows it at times. I think if there were fewer monster closets it would feel a little better as an E1M6