E3M8 - Malebolge
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Playable on: E3M8

Updated, improved gameplay a bit.

Marcaek wrote on 14-Sep-2011 (02:11)


Marcaek wrote on 09-Sep-2011 (16:37)

I'll definitely work on it if people think there's potential. I think the Barons are the biggest problem when it comes to infighting, I'll have to figure out a way to prevent it, perhaps by modifying the green archway architecturally to keep them in the first area.

As for the actual size of the map, I wanted to allow the spider to walk about freely after the central area changes shape. I may condense it a bit. The TEKWALL can go as well.

st.alfonzo wrote on 09-Sep-2011 (02:13)

Well, this is different. The expanse of the map capitalizes on the player's expectations, and for that it gets big points, but I'm not totally convinced.

The gameplay is flawed as a result of two things in particular: The first the actual breadth of the map, allowing for the player to bombard the Mastermind from well out of her firing range, and the second the extraneous monsters that are more than capable of killing the Mastermind without the player ever having to fire a bullet in her general direction. Which is exactly what happened with me on the first run =\

As for the visuals, a lack of texture variation makes sense, but the expansiveness causes some textures, particularly tekwall, to look an absolute mess from a distance, a problem which was once prevalent in your Vault map.

I do admire this map for really playing up the occasion, and it feels pretty darn epic (even more so if I were able to actually come face to face with the spider), so I would love to see this one again when or if you decide to make some alterations!