E2M8 - Vault
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Playable on: E2M8

Extended version, plays more like E1M8 than E2M8.

Updated, took fonz and Xaser's criticisms into account.

Marcaek wrote on 26-Oct-2011 (04:17)

<3 I'll see what I can do.

Xaser wrote on 26-Oct-2011 (04:10)

Hmm, in a way I do prefer the original version of the map -- the simplicity of the start hallway lends itself much better to a boss map and the beginning areas feel a bit out-of-place as a result.

I do agree with Alfonzo that something more 'grand' could be done with the opening of the vault -- have each of the four switches lower a layer of protection, perhaps, with the final switch releasing the beast. That way you really get the feeling that you're unleashing something that wasn't meant to be touched... ;)

Either way, it's a simple but sweet take on E2M8. I'd suggest less cannon fodder, a more elaborate vault-open sequence, and a more 'direct' entrance, but I certainly want to see some form or another of this map make the final project. :)

st.alfonzo wrote on 24-Oct-2011 (22:47)

I commented extensively on this map back when it was first posted. A fair amount seems to have changed since then, and while I do think i'd be repeating myself to some extent regardless, here's a fresher take on it.

The concept of this map is most interesting, and adequately executed, but in ways it feels like it hasn't fulfilled its full potential. The idea of unleashing a horrendous and unknown bestial monstrosity that is held within a "Vault" (assuming that's what's you're shooting for) is let down by not only the manner in which it is released - simply walking up to the pillar, as ellmo mentioned - but by the encounter itself, which is stunted by the unfitting presence of petty, crumby minions.

The atmosphere itself is pretty good, with an ominous and technological air that really assists in generating the feel of a proper boss encounter.

As a player, I would prefer to be teleported immediately to inside the Vault, rather that into a tunnel prior to it, and made to pick up the provisions necessary to tackle the Cyberdemon in the arena while at the same time witnessing some sort of improvised locking mechanism (great, thick interlocking bars, maybe?) unwind to reveal the monster. This would create a more frenetic and nerve racking opening while pushing the concept even further.

I sort of agree with PControl that the start does no favours for the map, but at the same time I think you'd be missing out of revealing the actual Vault to the player by chucking the start position right into the heart of it. The lead-up at the moment functions a little too well by itself, and doesn't really complement the entrance, but I think you could make it work in the map's favour!

Overall, I think this is a brilliant concept that is rather unfortunately mired by overproduction and lacklustre gameplay elements, but it's the one map that I wish to see make it to release most of all.

Have at it, Marcaek!

MidnightTH wrote on 02-Oct-2011 (19:57)

AWESOME! Very climatic, and Caco scared the shit out of me.

Marcaek wrote on 28-Sep-2011 (03:24)

I might upload a vault-only version until I can come up with a more inspired design for the rest.

ProcessingControl wrote on 17-Sep-2011 (02:54)

The orginal version was better. The parts at the begining are uneccecary.

Marcaek wrote on 14-Sep-2011 (02:15)


Marcaek wrote on 11-Sep-2011 (00:46)

I've pistol started this repeatedly, and didn't have a problem. There's plenty of shotgun ammo around.

Did you get the rocket launcher from the switch-pillar?

I suppose I'll remove the cacos? The imps and sargeants are definitely not a problem for the cyber.

ellmo wrote on 10-Sep-2011 (03:39)

I don't think it adresses the issues some of us had with the map properly.

First of all the map is really hard and almost impossible from pistol start. I actually like how the map "introduces" the player to boss fight rather than just "put" him in the middle of it - but the way Cyberdemon joins the fun doesn't convince me, as the player needs to approach the pillar in order to start the fight. There's also so many mobs around him, it's quite easy for him to get distracted and engage in infighting.