E1M9 - Relay Station
Download Link:
Playable on: E1M9

Map with a load of optional areas.

MegaDoomer wrote on 18-Sep-2011 (00:47)

Excuse the optional areas, I didn't read the description. Mainly I think it's too easy. The blue armor secret definitely needs to be hidden better, and there's a bit much health in general.

MegaDoomer wrote on 18-Sep-2011 (00:46)

Needs more work IMO. Keeps to the E1 style but it was kinda easy on UV and there was at least 40% of the map that didn't need to be explored nor could I even figure out how to reach it. Also I can't see how it has anything special to be a secret level. Still I encourage an attempt at a revamp, as the layout itself seemed fairly sound!