E1M6 - Waste Treatment Plant
Download Link:
Playable on: E1M5

Something has gone amok as you've reached deep into the Diemos base.  Nukage and monsters have taken over.

The map now plays on M5.  Significant portions of the map have been removed from last version.  The map might still be too hard, tho.

st.alfonzo wrote on 10-Sep-2011 (23:18)

Alright, I was going to attempt a quick mash-up of observations when first playing this level but then got bogged down by the sheer number of things to note of the map. Now, with renewed interest and a bout of fresh curry, I'm properly prepped and ready to mash once more.

First off, the appearance and layout.

The map functions well in its description, even if it does seem to adopt more an e2 sort of style than e1 (something that might want tending to). The seemingly endless number of rivulets cutting swathes throughout the base does well in providing the player with that so often cited "sense of place," and the secrets are cleverly interwoven at times, but together with a general similarity in design and motif throughout the base much of the player's navigability disappears. Searching for those multiple secrets becomes suddenly more of a chore than an enjoyment, which is unfortunate.
I think a more simplified selection of textures in certain areas as well as a greater focus on unique and unmistakable landmarks (that aren't stone2 pillars!) might help out here, baring in mind that the map is not intended for e2, and that much of the map has to remain homogenous regardless. It's not as though you could pull an e2m4 or 6, for example.

The actual number of secrets - as well as the size of the layout - is also a downside I think, as although it's all well and good as a single map, it can be disruptive to flow and overall gameplay when placed within an entire episode. In the m6 slot, I would feel slightly drained going into the penultimate level thinking that it would only get larger still! This having been said, I imagine it would be quite difficult to rework the layout in its current state, so working on the point of navigation would, I feel, go some ways to making the map seem shorter, as it would then be viewed as a series of areas and stages of progression as opposed to one gargantuan web of slime, stone and tek.

Gameplay is okay, though more barrels (to up the fun!) and a slightly more forgiving opening would be beneficial.

Because many of the secrets are somewhat difficult to find at first, the player is left searching for them after most if not all the monsters in the leve have been dispatched. I think releasing a couple of beasties will iron out this issue and help prolong the map a little (baring in mind that I think it still needs shortening overall).

That's all for now. Great work! =)

Marnetmar wrote on 07-Sep-2011 (05:33)

Hmm, haven't actually played it yet but the pillar going into the sky sticks out like a sore thumb IMO. The rest looks great though, hopefully I'll get a chance to play it tomorrow.