E4M4 - Unnamed Map
Captain Toenail
Download Link:
Playable on: E4M4

Um, just noticed this map appears to be missing from this new submission site for some reason, so I uploaded it again.


The player must navigate an unforgiving, rugged volcanic landscape tainted by Hell's influence.


Edit: Ok, here's V2. I removed or altered the areas that were too 'homagy'. Kind of miss those parts though :/

Marcaek wrote on 04-Sep-2011 (22:16)

Nice map on it's own, but a bit too homagey and long-winded for E4. I did like the little chaos symbol area with the chaingun though.

Hellbent wrote on 25-Aug-2011 (00:05)

Oooohhhh.... * wrings wrists * 

Starts out as e4m6.  Then there is an e4m4ish red door area, and a very unmistakable e4m4 pool of water.  Then an e4m2ish area with the lava cutting through the stone. ...Eebers.  Very nice map construction, but a missing map from episode 4 wouldn't have elements similar to existing maps in the episode.