E2M3 - R&R Facility
Captain Toenail
Download Link:
Playable on: E2M1

The staff on Deimos base can spend their hard-earned holidays here at the rest and relaxation facility. Why not take a dip in the pool? Watch a movie? Go for a stroll? Unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances the facility is currently closed.

This is my first Episode 2 themed map, it may be too late to make it into the final wad, but what the hell, it was fun making it.


Edit: Ok, here's V2, I changed some of the texturing to make it more consistent, plus removed some shell and health pickups, among other things.

ellmo wrote on 15-Sep-2011 (21:32)

I like it very much.

I played. I enjoyed. I felt like playing E2 again.


MidnightTH wrote on 05-Sep-2011 (15:39)

Hah, nice

esselfortium wrote on 21-Aug-2011 (21:40)

Nice layout; I like how so much of it is optional and a little "mazey" while still being simple enough to easily navigate. I ended up finding myself in countless optional sections before actually getting to the blue key, but it was easy enough to find my way around that there was no problem there.

I feel like the texturing could use a lot of work, though. In addition to there being a lot of different themes all mixed together in small spaces, there were a number of parts where similar texture combinations to an id map were used for a similar structure (like the three rising/lowering item platforms in the COMPOHSO room, for instance).

Nonetheless I think this submission is off to a great start, and can be made even better by reworking the texturing; both to limit the use of familiar combinations in familiar scenes, and to give each wing of the map its own main theme (with some variations of course). I liked the startan sections; it might be worth trying out a startan-with-e2-flats theme in some more areas around there? I dunno :p

st.alfonzo wrote on 21-Aug-2011 (21:39)

Fine map you got here, Captain! The layout is quite impressive as it the pace of play and map dynamics, and despite the at times rampant texture variation there are plenty of key areas that aid well in navigation.

The first issue I take with the map is as just mentioned, the frequency with which themes are presented to the player through texture selection. I think the problem can be solved relatively easily thanks to many areas in the map being so distinguishable from one another, in assigning a more limited array of texturing to these areas to aid their unique identity.

The gameplay is rather fun, though there is an overabundance of ammunition that I feel is rather uncharacteristic of stock Doom maps, particularly in the shell department.

I may have a few more comments in future, and I hope to see this map improve. It's mighty fine stuff!