E1M5 - Engineering Bay
Playable on: E1M5

01 Dec 2011 -- release candidate

Xaser wrote on 21-Sep-2011 (21:40)

Heh, late response, but it seems that Doomworld really likes to never alert me when I have a PM...

@MegaDoomer: I agree that properly implementing skill settings is paramount. It shouldn't be a factor for inclusion consideration because we'll make darn sure that all maps have properly implemented skill settings, even if I have to do it myself. :P

MegaDoomer wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (02:21)

Also I am unable to vote Aye! or Nay!. Don't know why but this gets Aye! from me.

MegaDoomer wrote on 15-Aug-2011 (02:19)

@Xaser - I'll stop suggesting skill settings as long as all maps in the final release will have them, no exceptions. ID Software never blew off implementing settings, so neither should this team. However it is a valid point that a map may be distributed and tested without skill settings as long as it does not remain this way in the final release. So the bottom line question here is: do you agree that, under no circumstances, should a map in the final release not have skill settings? If the answer to that is yes and you plan to assure settings on all levels, then I have no problem discontinuing this type of commentary. You can address my question here, on the Doomworld thread, or via Doomworld PM.

esselfortium wrote on 14-Aug-2011 (23:42)

I quite like this; I'd just support a couple of minor visual adjustments, and probably remaking the exit area with the rising stairs, as that room feels unnaturally cramped to me. Certainly worthy of a slot in e1 though :)

Xaser wrote on 13-Aug-2011 (06:55)

Silly MegaDoomer -- minor things like skill settings get added & finalized -after- it's gotten a spot. ;)

Speaking of, this particular map probably sends more nostalgia-shivers down my spine than any other thus far. There's something about the simplicity and near-symmetry of the design that strikes home in a similar-to-E1M5-but-not-enough-to-feel-like-a-ripoff-or-homage sort of way. :P

MegaDoomer wrote on 11-Aug-2011 (03:23)

Your posts appear. :)

Map is pretty good but it needs skill settings before I can support it getting a spot.

ellmo wrote on 10-Aug-2011 (16:46)

counter test

ellmo wrote on 10-Aug-2011 (01:49)

Testing testing, this thing on?