ellmo 11-Dec-2011 (00:55)

Yes. Not much else to say.

Grab it while it's hot!


Okay, I guess there's more to say:

I'd like to thank everybody who worked their asses and hands to the bones. You provided.

  • Hellbent
  • Xaser
  • esselfortium
  • Alfonzo
  • Marnetmar
  • Kracov
  • Captain Toenail
  • Hobomaster
  • Icytux
  • iori
  • Lutz
  • Marcaek
  • Megalyth
  • Pcorf
  • Phobus
  • Processingcontrol
  • Stewboy
  • Use3d
  • yours trully

...and others.


Thanks for all the hard work!
We made it happen

Bold onto your Hutts!
Marnetmar 11-Dec-2011 (00:29)

DTWID will be ready within minutes and the Odamex session will start in half an hour! 

Doom's all grown up.
ellmo 10-Dec-2011 (12:48)

Yes. Doom has just turned 18 today. It's incredible this game is still so widely recognized and so playable.

Go ahead, read more on Doomword forums:

News thread

8th annual Cacoawards - with Hobbs and a guest appearance by our own esselfortium

Do I smell Odamex?
Marnetmar 09-Dec-2011 (05:44)

Odamex will be hosting a Saturday Nitro for DTWID at 8:00 pm EDT. Be there or I'll brutally mutilate your anus via your computer monitor.


...I've done it before...

Hold onto Your Butts!
Marnetmar 06-Dec-2011 (03:16)

This week is one to celebrate. In five days it will be Doom's birthday, the 18th annual cacowards will be shown, and most importantly, DTWID will be officially released! All just in time for the weekend.

Everyone is working to make gameplay tweaks and fix bugs in time for release, so hold onto your butts and prepare for carnage!

Beta 5
ellmo 04-Dec-2011 (01:52)

Another beta. Isn't this exciting? You can always find the most recent release on top of the page.

Also our devoted archive-maintainer (among other roles he performs) Xaser, has decided, we're going to name our betas using arabic numbers. What a strange man.

New beta
ellmo 03-Dec-2011 (15:23)

We're spitting beta releases like madmen. Actually Xaser is, but that's beside the point.

Because they appear every so often, we don't really advertise them publicly, as that would lead to more confusion during bug and issue reporting. Think: people reporting bugs from four different versions, yes it's nothing pleasant.

Wait, did I just say four versions? How come you guys only heard about one? Well, the two others were more internal builds; but yesterday we managed to put all the pieces together and prepare a new, very solid beta, a milestone - if you wish.

BETA - multiplayer support (tho probably not perfect) and fixed stuff!

From now on please only report issues with this version :)


And of course - have a lot of fun!

Track Dat Wad
Xaser 03-Dec-2011 (02:17)

A new project tracker has been set up for DTWiD at Pivotal to record and share final progress leading up to the release.

Link to PivotalTracker

Doom's Day is almost upon us, friends! Rejoice and be merry as DTWiD is gift-wrapped and placed under your Christmas Large Brown Tree!

Friends and Gibs and Gore
Marnetmar 03-Dec-2011 (01:35)

Zdaemon will be hosting a DTWID Co-op session tomorrow. We are currently getting a beta ready for this particular event.

European session: 19:30 GMT/14:30 EST

U.S session: 02:00 GMT/21:00 EST


Hope to see you there! 

Gibs and Gore
Marnetmar 27-Nov-2011 (01:20)

Be sure to check the public beta often, deathmatch starts and skill settings are being implemented a little bit at a time.

Don't be surprised if the demos are desynced; that's my fault and they will be fixed in the final version.

DTWiD beta released (a while ago, actually)
ellmo 26-Nov-2011 (15:28)


it's been a month and then some since the last time I could visit the page and update it, but the rest of the crew were working their hands to the bones. The result of their work is a fully playable beta version of our project. It has been available for downloading from the Doomworld thread for a while now. Now I have the time to update this site.


Also - Hellbent contacted me and asked if I could prep-up a page with the information about all the submited maps chosen for the beta, which should be ready soon.


Small fixes again, and no, we're not dead
ellmo 15-Sep-2011 (18:46)

Today I fixed the issue where the page would tell you "something has gone wrong" if you tried to filter the list and weren't logged in. I just wish someone told me it doesn't work before I noticed myself :/ it was kinda sad.


Also I removed the "link updated at" column in the submission list as it wasn't really working properly (read: wasn't working at all) and it was a default ordering column, so the list never appeared as it should - that is - with the most recent changes on top of it.

Submission Description and other small Fixes
ellmo 15-Aug-2011 (13:44)

By popular demand I've added a text field for submissions, that authors can fill in with map description or information about it's development progress.

I've also made a few tiny fixes to submission detail layout and user privileges, but you probably won't even notice.

The Dawn of Democracy
ellmo 14-Aug-2011 (23:26)

Honoured members of the team!

You are now able to cast yer votes on the contributed maps!

Treat this as a preliminary voting, however since we've already discovered ways to cheat the system... but hey, Rome wasn't built in one day, was it?

ellmo 10-Aug-2011 (01:48)

Finally, the time has come to allow users to post comments under submissions.

Right now the whole feature is based on witchcraft and luck, it doesn't allow for formatting text yet (tho' it will) and there might be some problems with permissions, I didn't have enough time and resources to test it thoroughly.

Rejoice anyway!

Search and filter options!
ellmo 09-Aug-2011 (14:44)

Hey, since we have lot's of submissions from lots of different authors some kind of search/filter options was absolutely neccesary.

The added feature is quite simple, but it took a lot of time to get it done properly, so let's explain why is it so good and flexible:

There are three options to manage the Submissions List: search by string for map names authors, filter by episode and order by one of the columns. The system is constructed in such way that you can combine all three options to get desired resutls.

Go on and check it out!

Restrict access to your submissions
ellmo 08-Aug-2011 (20:03)

Another major update came through!

This time it's all about restricting access to the download link of your submission - let's say you're working on something you only want to show, but not ready to give the link for it yet. Maybe you never wiil!

There's no need to put false links like, because now you can restrict who can access the download link with just a click of your finger!

There are four privacy levels:

  • Open (default) - every single man and woman on the planet can download the file, wether they're logged or not.
  • Users only - as the name would suggest, one needs to be registered and logged in to access the link.
  • Team only - only the core members of the DWITD team can view the link. The core members are not defined yet and untill they are this would have the same effect as the most restrictive privacy level...
  • Private - only you can view the link and, by extent, download the file!

As a matter of fact the authors can always view links of their own submissions... so can admins. Har, har.

Major Update 02
ellmo 08-Aug-2011 (13:27)

The site now enables users to link images to their submissions!

As I said - the images need to be hosted somewhere else, the application will only accept their urls. This however means that you can both:

  • have a basically unlimited amout of images
  • have images of unreasonable sizes

This works like attaching images to a forum thread, so you can link what you please, just remember: the bigger the image linked, the longer the loading times on this particular page - which in this scenario means "details" page for a specific submission... and you wouldn't want to drive others off from viewing your precious screenshots now, would you?

The images are displayed in the "detailed view" for a submission and will always be scaled to 320x240 for the sake of... not ruining the page's design - they do work as links/thumbnails however, meaning that an original image is accessible by simply clicking the 320x240 scaled one.


If you're wondering where did the plucked-eye-icon go - it started to smell so I had to get rid of it. Now you simply click the name of a submitted map to view it's details. I think it's cleaner that way.


I've also changed the image in the menu on the left, you might not have noticed.

Layout unified
ellmo 07-Aug-2011 (23:18)

I've just managed to merge everything into the "main page" layout, everything should look much cleaner this way and still provide the neccessary functionality.

I've also added contact and about pages on the menu list, so users may learn more about the project and know where to ask questions should they arise.

Kracov's impressive title-pic candidates
ellmo 07-Aug-2011 (20:34)

You have to take a look at these impressive artworks from Kracov:

Will one of those make it as an TITLEPIC for our project? Quite possibly, time will tell ;)


Might as well check on his perosnal page full of tasty art: 

Action icons and "link update" sorting
ellmo 07-Aug-2011 (20:24)

It's a small change concerning how the submission list works and behaves.

Because editing a submission in any way is always saved to the database as an update, I decided to add a column that shows the last time when the [b]actual map link[/b] has been updated. That way users can keep a better track of map files, not their descriptions.
"Last link update" has been made a default ordering method.

I've introduced 4 simple icons for  following actions

  • download - a generic download icon
  • show - an eye out of socket (he has a name you know? he's called Squishy)
  • edit - a generic pencil and paper
  • delete - generic X button

(Please note that edit and delete actions can only be seen - and performed - by authors of the submissions)



Major Update 01
ellmo 07-Aug-2011 (17:35)


As you can see I've managed to build some sort of a design for the main page of the application. From now on I'll post important information on project development and incoming changes to the website here.

As for planned changes:

  • Users will soon be able to link to images in their submissions. The rule will be similar as linking maps - I can't store them so we'll use links to various imageshacks and photobuckets for now.
  • Users will be able to log in using either their nickname or e-mail
  • Users will be able to leave comments under specific submissions.

Hm, probably a few tiny things I've forgotten.

There will be many more changes, including drastic ones, as the site is still in development.

Will keep you informed.